In case you didn't notice, now comes with a JSON-API since release 1.3. Learn what information you can access and how to do so in the following blog post.

API Description

When visiting, you are presented with a JSON representation of the API in OpenAPI 3.0 format. This document describes all available endpoints, methods and data objects returned by our site. To learn more about the OpenAPI 3.0 format itself, please refer to its specification on Github.

API Endpoints

In its current form, the API supports all views that are available on our regular site as well. All of the following endpoints are relative to the base URL

  • /cs - list all available cipher suites
  • /cs/{ciphersuite_name} - display cipher suite with the given (IANA) name
  • /cs/tls/{10|11|12|13} - display cipher suites supported by the given TLS version
  • /cs/security/{recommended|secure|weak|insecure} - display cipher suites with the given security level
  • /cs/software/{openssl|gnutls} - display cipher suites supported by the given library
  • /rfc - list all available RFCs
  • /rfc/{rfc_number} - display RFC with the given number

Let us know whether this API service is useful to you. We would be delighted to hear for which purposes you plan to use it!